All our pre-defined tours can be customized bsaed on your specifications (lenght of stay & budget) and wishes.


Sumba is a large island, tow times bigger than Bali, with two times less infrastructures.

Exploring both sides smoothly requires to stay at least a week.

* be careful

Trekking lovers will challenge themselves crossing this wild and untouched island.

Accessing remote villages and pristine beaches.

A truly unique way to discover the majestic Sumba.



Nature lovers will be amazed by Sumba diversity.

An ideal playground for intense sensations and wonder.

Mixing trek, snorkel, and chill.

A surf and turf tour allowing you to explore deeply this ancient land.


Culture lovers will slip into Sumba's strong culture.

Meeting the local population and their remarkable traditions.

Bringing you to hidden places to feel the special atmosphere in Sumba's heart.

Curious ?

We want to know more about you !


Tell us about you and your dreamed holidays in the mystic Sumba island.


Tempted by a new destination off the beaten path ?

Sumba, Nusa Tenggara Timur

Kec. Umalulu, Kel. Lumbukore

87181 Melolo

WhatsApp: +33 6 88 63 29 74

Tel : 0812 3856 1452 

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