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Our travel agency




Our agency is based and specialized in Sumba Island.


We spent two years exploring both sides of this mysterious and rich island.

We can now offer you complete circuits to live a unique and personalized experience.


Guided by us or our local anglophone guide.

Working with Sumbanese has been at the heart of our development from the start.


First, so that they can benefit from the economic benefits of tourism.


Secondly, to allow them to share their ancestral culture with you.

As we speak Bahasa Indonesia, the exchange will be facilitated and fluid.

We have at heart to preserve the pristine of the Sumbanese environment.


That is why along side our travel agency we created a foundation, Sumba Bisa.

Our main project is focused on the construction of roads using recycled plastic.

Collected here in Sumba and processed by the people.

Reviews ?



We feel "at home"! The landscapes are splendid with white sandy desert beaches and real traditions still well entrenched. The meetings are magical. A real adventure full of surprise and authenticity. Let Youri and Marine guide you and your life will be changed.

To do once in a lifetime !!

Marie & Aurélien

Very attentive and listening, they gave us an unforgettable experience at Sumba, which we still think of every day! The places discovered are magnificent, the moments spent in contact with the population, unforgettable and the organization of the perfect stay ...

We are already looking forward to coming back!

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