Sumba, Nusa Tenggara Timur

Kec. Umalulu, Kel. Lumbukore


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Free your mind

& let us guide you in Sumba

Looking for an exotic, authentic destination and far from the beaten path?

Sumba is for you!

Only 1h flight from Bali, this island twice the size of Bali is full of pristine and beautiful sites.


Whether for family, couples or friends, we will offer personalized activities that will make your holiday a unique experience away from your daily concerns.

Why Sumba ?

1 - To chill and sunbath in heaven

Instead of most Indonesian islands, Sumba is not a volcanic and is bordered by hundreds of kilometers of untouched white sand beaches.

A paradise to enjoy the sea!

2 - To discover an ancestral and colorful culture 

Even if most of the Sumbanese are Christians, they did not forget their ancestors customs. Handicraft, ceremonies and believes are still permeated with Marapu religion giving Sumba a mystical atmosphere. 

3 - To enjoy a myriad of activities

Between hills & sea, it is an incredible playground for all kind of activities.

From extreme sports lovers to social & cultural seekers, everyone will find is dream holidays in Sumba.

How to access Sumba ?

With 2 airports and more than 4 daily connections, Sumba can easily be reached by plane.

Garuda, Wings Air, Nam Air, and Susi Air are flying from Bali, Labuhanbajo and Kupang to

Waingapu (wgp) or Tambolaka (tmc). Better discuss first the tour with us and book your flight ticket based on our advice

Looking for more information about Sumba? Do not hesitate to visit this website.

Why travelling with us ?

  • We are found of Sumba and we are committed in promoting this island, your satisfaction is our goal!

  • Working on a sustainable tour, in partnership with the tourism professionals, is a must for us to keep this island magic and pristine.

  • We promote tradition based activities and hospitality to propose you unique and unforgettable holidays 

  • Empowering Sumbanese, in order to they can benefit from the tourism development of their island. 

Become Sumbanese

Sumba is still a wild and not touristic island but with great potential.

If you are looking for:

  • a pristine place to develop sustainable activities

  • build a holiday house on your own beach far from the hustle and bustle

  • own a villa in Nila Resort project ​​